Fulfilling Needs, Inspiring Dreams 


"Thank you so much. I am having a confidence

to pass my exam with good results to my

school. Thank you my school and the NGO that organize it."

- Sadia I.

​​​According to the National Center for Children in Poverty (NCCP), children born into poverty are much more likely to remain in poverty even as adults. One of the best ways to help support these children escape this vicious cycle of poverty is by allowing children to attain a proper education. Life to Live Africa aims to provide impoverished children in Ethiopian public schools with a tutoring program in order to help these children succeed academically, thereby aiding their escape from the cycle of poverty. 

There is a stark contrast between the two primary types

of Ethiopian schools. Public schools run by the government are typically underfunded and have

little resources for their students and teachers. This causes low-quality teaching and poor education, which results in lower pass rates for the national exam at the end of the eighth grade level. Private​ schools, on the other hand, are superior to public school education, because they are located in pleasant areas with top-notch funding where students have the privilege to earn a first class education. ​

Helping Others

Help Themselves

Since the 2014 school year, we have been working closely with Biruh Tesfa Primary School, located in Addis Ababa, to pilot our program before we begin expanding to additional schools.

Our program targets impoverished children at disadvantaged government-run public schools located in Ethiopia.

Our goal is to implement a prep-class for the national exam within these schools to better prepare these eighth grade students who are at an extreme disadvantage. At the end of the eighth grade level, all students in Ethiopia are required to take the PSLCE exam (Primary School Leaving Certificate Examination). 

Students who pass the exam are allowed to move into the ninth grade. Those students who do not pass are not allowed to continue with their education and must repeat the eighth grade level and re-take the exam. Unfortunately, many who don't pass the first time drop out of school. As you can imagine, the pass rates at government schools are much lower than those at private schools.  We are striving to fix this unjust discrepancy to help those who are not fortunate enough to have a quality education at a private school.

What We Are Doing