Fulfilling Needs, Inspiring Dreams 


​​​​​The Meaning Of Our Logo

​Incorporating humanistic quality is our main trait. That’s why we thought of something simple, meaningful and relevant. 

​What began as a crowded convoluted logo, slowly developed into a symbol of aspiration. We came across a photo of Ethiopian children who were jumping for joy, and the inspiration needed was found.

The silhouette of a handprint made its mark. The handprint, which is a subtle reference to youthfulness, is a representation of making an "impact" on something or someone leaving behind a positive outcome that will reinforce our name and mission, giving us a fair balance between professionalism and liveliness.

We live by green, yellow, black, and red as our defining colors, representing numerous flags across the continent of Africa.

Why these colors? Life To Live Africa is looking to expand into other countries over the years. To cover common ground, we find that revealing our unique versatility and true colors will help create awareness and hope for those in need.​